Triplane is a true full-service provider with experience in all facets of film production both big and small. We pride ourselves on our world class standards, however our budgets are still are kept trim and efficient. Having a small in-house team means that you deal directly with the decision makers and quotes and shoots can move swiftly without interruption.

Our attention to detail, dependability, adaptability and integrity allow for an enjoyable production environment to produce great TV Commercial content.


Our team


Colin Greyvensteyn


Colin is a paragon of efficiency! Our resident workaholic started off his career in the Engineering sector, but eventually found an environment that perfectly suits his persona. Colin is a master organizer and scheduler but somehow between all of this film madness, he somehow manages to find time to escape to his workshop to work on his beloved treasures and hobby, his classic and vintage car collection.


Murray Macdonald


Murray is a problem solver and he doesn’t waste time! Highly regarded and known by clients and crew for his production experience and for being "a really great guy”. He prides himself on delivering projects on time and within budget. We LOVE that about him and we LOVE his value system too: dependability, honesty and fairness. He REALLY is a great guy!


Phil Townsend


Phil is our workhorse, there is no hour too early or too late for him and no task too great. Having started his professional career as a Project Manager on large construction sites Phil fits right in on a film set. As our resident audiophile, Phil always has the latest playlist at hand for when you're looking for something new to listen to. When he's not slaving away at his desk Phil can be found in our sound studio composing a new soundtrack to play at his next gathering of friends.


Josh van der Velden


Josh is our go-to guy, nothing is impossible and he brings a can-do attitude to everything he does. Attention to detail is his speciality whether it be making coffees for the team or overseeing the prep and wrap of a job. When Josh isn't running around on a production he can be found in the edit suite cutting together one of his latest passion projects or writing his screenplay.